Azure Residence - Master Plan

Azure Residence offers to its residents to get the pleasure from of a peaceful location on the eastern shoreline of the world-famous Palm Jumeirah in Dubai and the beautiful offer of a welcoming sea coast lifestyle as well as the tranquil waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Palm Jumeirah is a worldwide famous destination which offers the ultimate in luxury with leisure. This Community, Palm Jumeirah is produced on water and its certain shape is like a Palm Tree as well as it has a trunk also and it also has the 16 fronds with the territory associated with the crown by a scaffold.

The Palm Jumeirah Community is offering many opportunities for shopping with quality brands as well as it also offers F&B and shopping brands, Dubai Pearl Mall, Dubai Marina Mall and Mall of Emirates to its residents or visitors to enjoy. With this, the Plam Jumeirah also allow to visitors or residents to take advantage of seaside beaches with beachside restaurants, resorts and green park.

Master Plan Feature

  • Natural View
  • Beach side restaurants, resorts and Green Park
  • Nights Club
  • Foods service throughout the day
  • Offer F&B and shopping brands, Dubai Pearl Mall, Dubai Marina Mall etc
  • Shopping and Cafes
  • Health Centers and Schools